Reignite Your Heart Flow

February 10, 2018
creating more heart flow in your life

When you’re aligned with your inner joy, your values, your dreams and your relationships, your heart flow is healthy. Often during life transitions or challenging times your heart flow can become stuck, stagnant or close down. Like a river that runs dry, your heart flow can dry up too. Why does it dry up? When we are living from fear, making decisions based on fear or compromising and settling for less than we deserve, our heart flow closes down.

I’ve experienced this and I’ve gathered up a blog post on how to reignite your heart flow!  I want to help you identify if your heart flow is flowing or if it’s closed down. We’ll also talk about 1 simple solution for turning your heart flow back on. If this topic resonates with you, you’re in the right place!

Heart Flow — Signs it’s blocked

  • Making decisions from a place of fear
  • Hanging on to people, places and jobs that don’t serve you
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Unexplainable health issues
  • Life is just an uphill battle for you
  • Lost touch with what you want and what makes you happy
  • Fallen into people pleasing behavior
  • Finding that you can’t hear your intuition anymore
  • You’re feeling drained all the time 
  • You’re deflecting people and new opportunities

Heart Flow — Signs it’s free flowing

  • Making decisions that light you up and challenge you
  • Flowing down stream in other words going with the stream 
  • Comfortable and satisfied with yourself
  • Feeling connected to your body
  • Acting from a place of intuition integrity 
  • Letting go of people, places, jobs and habits that don’t serve you
  • You recognize when you’re in joy 
  • Set loving boundaries in all your relationships
  • You are magnetic. People and opportunities naturally gravitate towards you

The simple solution to reigniting your heart flow?  Making new choices.

Forget if these choices are right or wrong. You want to start connecting back in with yourself and growing the magnetic field around your heart. You want to get used to feeling when you’re in your heart flow and when you’re out. When your heart flow is blocked, you kind of become numb. The goal is to try new things and make different decisions and notice where they land in your body and how it feels. You can go small or go big with these decisions.  The key here is taking action to reignite the flow. 

Here are some ideas to test and reignite your heart flow:

  • Say “Good Morning” to a stranger. Honestly, a good morning goes a long way. If you’re shy and want to make new friends or just start to become a more friendly person, start out with saying a simple good morning. When you see the world being receptive to you, you will begin to value your own presence. I’ve made life long friends from a simple “hello” and “good morning”. 
  • Take a new route to work. You want to rewire your brain to get used to variety and expand beyond your comfort zone/routine.
  • Book a spontaneous vacation. (This is my personal favorite – lol) Physically removing yourself from an environment that triggers you can leave you feeling so refreshed when you come back.
  • When looking for a new job, don’t go based on logistics only. Notice what feels right. You might think the dream job in your dream city is the perfect fit, but your heart may lead you to something better like maybe starting your own company or working for another company in a totally different city! The goal is to take the interview with both opportunities and have the courage to say no to the “dream job” if your heart lit up with any of the other opportunities.
  • I wanted to stop drinking coffee for a while because it was making me super anxious. So I switched coffee for Matcha lattes. The coffee cravings subsided and I don’t drink coffee a lot anymore!
  • Read a book about a new topic! I’ve got tons of resources on my blog. Check them out here
  • Pick a new color! If you always go for blue, try red or another different color.
  • Be more adventurous. I started to become more adventurous by exploring my hometown in Chicago. I actively went to different restaurants and exploring different parts of the city. Eventually, I was guided to different states and soon countries! 😉 Now I cultivate an energy of adventure wherever I am – it’s part of my personality. 
  • Get certified in something! I become a Thyroid Yoga® Certified coach and I have been connected with the most loving mentor and coach that continues to support me. 
  • Work with a health coach or energy healer to clear up energetic blocks and imbalances. I have a team of healers on speed dial – when my heart flow is closing down I reach out to them. Create that community for yourself so they can support you! You’re not alone on this journey honey. 
  • Create a daily ritual. Honestly, this can be a simple thing like saying a mantra “I am grace” or “I’m open to new opportunities today”. You can also meditate for 15 minutes. If the ritual feels like a chore, guess what? Stop or try an evening ritual. 

That’s it! If you want more on this topic, let me know in the comments below. Also, sign up for my monthly newsletter Nourish collective to keep receiving high vibe content!

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