Guidance from the Miracles Now Card Deck

June 19, 2017

Happy Monday! I thought it would be fun to pull 3 cards from Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now Card Deck this week for all you Nourish Avenue readers. I believe that affirmation card decks and tarot cards can help us tap into the flow of our own internal guidance system a.k.a Intuition. The Miracles Now Card Deck is a spiritual guidance tool for helping us gain clarity around goals, relationships and our own personal growth. There are 62 affirmation cards in the deck.

Pulling Guidance from the Miracles Now Card Deck

This idea to share a Miracles Now Card Deck reading on the blog stemmed from a powerful personal reading I did for myself. I pulled 3 cards from the deck a few days ago and the cards were so on point from my reading that I proceeded to text every single one of my girlfriends and asked them to call me for a reading. I wanted to see if the guidance I was receiving from the deck could help my friends too. To my surprise, there were tons of “Aha” moments, tears and laughter. Each reading was super relevant for what was happening in their lives. It gave them insight on how to effortlessly allow the universe to do her thing.

Miracles Now Deck Reading – Monday June 19th.

Trust that if you’re reading this now (even a year after this post’s publishing date) that there is something for you to benefit. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Card 1:

My presence is my power

Card 2:

Releasing anger from the past sets me free in the present

Card 3:

When I respect my money, my money respects me

Cards #1 & #2 are all about being in the present moment. Card #1: Your presence brings energy into a room and that alone is powerful. Your positive energy can shift the energy in a room without you even saying a word. Be mindful of your presence at your job, in line at the grocery store and everywhere you go! Card #2: Holding on to anger from the past gets stored in your body and accumulates. Holding onto anger creates patterns in the brain that leaves us open to being triggered again and again with different circumstances. The past is not going to come back but your fear brain is always replaying it. When we let anger go, it allows us to be present and make better decisions that will lead to more beneficial outcomes. Card 3: Respecting your money. Such a good one! What you spend your money on either adds value to your life or depletes value. Align with your values and try spending money on more things that add value. Spending money on things you don’t really need? Example, you spend money on multiple clothing items because they were on sale. You’ll probably only wear those items a couple times before you decide the fit isn’t right and it was bad purchase. #letsbereal

Grab Your Own Miracles Now Card Deck

When pulling cards it’s important to trust the cards you get. Pulling cards until you get a “good one” is your own ego controlling the message. Resist and allow yourself to get the message you need. Grab Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now Card Deck to do your own personalized Miracles Now reading.

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