On Brew: Turmeric & Green Tea Blend

October 25, 2015

As the weather cools down here in Chicago, I find myself naturally craving more warming foods and drinks.

However, packing away the delicious cold brew coffees, cooling green drinks and coconut milk ice-creams is a tad sad! But they’re not gonna help me keep warm very much. Inspired by the seasonal changes, I’m spicing it up and experimenting with one of my favorite hot teas: Green tea.

First, let’s talk about the beautiful benefits of drinking such a tea!

What’s so fancy about turmeric?

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is the main active ingredient in turmeric that hosts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Including more turmeric into your diet is one of the simplest ways you can boost your energy, reduce inflammation and improve skin complexion.

Side note: If you have never tried Turmeric before, be aware that this herb stains! Ironically way back in the ancient days, turmeric was used as textile and skin dye. Handle this one with care to avoid staining your counter tops and clothes. 

What’s so fancy about green tea?

Green tea is an overall super health booster for maintaining good digestion, increasing mental clarity and promoting feelings of relaxation. Both green tea and turmeric can help cleanse the body and flush out toxins. In this blend, I used a ginger and green tea mix.  I found the ginger to be a great balance to the earthly flavour of turmeric. *Be sure to use organic tea.

The quickest way to add turmeric into my day is by adding it to a cup of green tea in the morning. Hello energy and great skin! 😉

On Brew: Turmeric & Green Tea Blend
Author: Erica at Nourish Avenue
  • 8oz hot water
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 bag of green tea (I used a ginger + green tea blend)
  1. Put the kettle on to boil water
  2. Add turmeric powder to mug *preferably a cute cup that is Instagram worthy 🙂
  3. Pour boiled water over tea blend
  4. Steep for 10 minutes
  5. Strain tea through sieve to take out excess turmeric
  6. Enjoy!


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