New Moon Ritual With Sage Cleansing

January 26, 2017
new moon ritual for manifesting

The lunar cycle gives us plenty of powerful manifestation opportunities. Last month I shared my tips on how to do a Full Moon ritual. If you haven’t read it already, I suggest you check it out.  In this post, I’m covering tips on how you can create a New Moon ritual. The full moon is all about letting go and the new moon is about calling in what you desire.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Norman Vincent Peale

“Ritual” while it may sound woo-woo to some, it’s really just another word for practice. I like to refer to rituals as divine routines. Creating and following your own rituals helps you become more in tune with what’s working and what’s not working in your life. Syncing up with the energies of the moon is an even more powerful way to connect to the universal energy and attract what you truly long for.

Getting To Know The New Moon

The new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle (average 29 days) and represents new beginnings. This is the perfect time to set new goals, plan new projects and plant the seeds of your desires for the month. It’s also a quiet time for reflection and listening to your heart.

What do you want to bring into your life? Here are some examples of New Moon ritual intentions:

  • New and exciting friendships
  • A romantic relationship
  • A life that makes you smile
  • Create or revise your vision board
  • Better health
  • Start your own business
  • Deep emotional healing (heartbreak, PSTD, grief etc…)
  • Live a better lifestyle
  • Travel more
  • Get into your dream school or program
  • Start new healthy habits
  • Be in a job that you love
  • More support at your current job
  • And more!

New Moon Ritual Mantra: “I am open to new beginnings.”

You don’t need to have big grand goals in order to do a new moon ritual. Be it a big goal or a small goal, the new moon energies will support you when you open up to them.

New Moon Ritual Steps:

Remember when you’re setting goals with the moon, it’s like you are planting a seed into the ground. It’s important to do a few grounding exercises that will allow your dreams take root. If you’re feeling scattered or just going through the motions, you’re planting a seed in the air and leaving it up to the winds. That energy isn’t stable and you’ll manifest a bunch of funky little stuff that isn’t in alignment with you.

#1 Grounding Visual Meditation

Visual Mediation: Sit cross-legged on the floor or sit upright in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Next, imagine white light pouring into the top of your head and extending out through your base chakra moving all the way into the center of the earth.

-Take a few deep breaths in this vision until you feel your body relaxed.

If you’re not used to meditating, it might take you a little longer to get grounded. Signs you’re grounded is that your hips feel a little heavier and more connected to the ground, your muscles are relaxed in your legs and you feel lighter throughout your body.

#2. Grab a piece of computer paper and tear off 3-5 separate strips about 1 inch thick each.

#3. Write down 3-5 intentions, each on their own separate strip of paper. Start writing your intentions with a positive affirmation: “I am fully ready to embody/receive/call in/create ____________for my highest good and the highest good for all those involved. Thank you”

#4. Light a candle. Place your bowl of water next to the candle.

#5. BE CAREFUL. Dip your piece of paper into the candle, watch it catch a flame and quickly throw the piece of paper into the bowl of water.

#4. Repeat step #5 with the other intentions.

#5. Light your sage stick. Hold about 3 inches AWAY from your body—do not place sage stick on your skin. Starting at your feet, slowly wave the sage stick up the front and back of your body –allow the smoke to rise from your feet and move all the way up to your head. The smoke of the sage is binding to lower energies and moving out of the space and your body. You’ll feel yourself getting lighter.

When done with the sage, allow the stick to burn out naturally or press out in a heat-safe bowl.

#6. Take Action. The new moon ritual was the first step. Your job is to begin to take note of signs, opportunities, and resources that become available to help you live out your dreams. Creative solutions will begin to appear. Good luck! Allow this new moon ritual to guide you on your path of true bliss.

Find out when the next new moon is.



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