A Mini Guide To Manifestation Walks

October 2, 2016

I like to go on what I call “mini manifestation walks”. Whenever I need to release stress or make a decision about something, I take a 10-20 minute walk. I also walk when I want to clear space for more awesomeness to come into my life. One of my favorite authors and YouTube bloggers, Gabrielle Bernstein recommends taking your fear for a walk to literally bring your energy into a happier state. 

Walking helps us to lift our moods and boost happiness. It’s a rad way to re-calibrate your energy. Fun fact: Daily 20-30min walks adds 7 years to your life! Cool, right?  Walking helps cleanse my mind for better and bigger ideas to come in.

Ready to try one for yourself? Do these on lunch breaks, in the morning/evening, or whenever you feel the need to shake off a bad attitude.

What are manifestation walks for?

In short, they help clear the crazy and make room for the awesome. Walking helps to clear away any frustration or anxiety in the body and allows you to connect with your joy. Going on a mini manifestation walk guides me to creative solutions and happier outcomes. 

What do you do? 

Put on some of your favorite tunes and walk. I also like to throw in some positive affirmations and get clear on how I want to feel. 

Mantras I’m currently using:

“I’m healthy and vibrant.”

“I work in an inspiring environment.”

“I’m around people I adore.”

Closing Affirmation: 

“I surrender for an outcome that serves the highest greatest good for all involved” Why do I say that? God laughs when we make plans. So surrender your joyful visions and watch them expand into something more awesome. (Because they will) 😉 

What to do after your walk: 

Walking will clear the space, but you still need to do the work to accomplish your goal. You have to place yourself in environments for growth. Here’s a clue: It’s definitely absolutely outside of your comfort zone. 

Example: I used to not be a morning person. But I felt the need to move my workouts to the morning because I wanted to spend more time with friends. In order to make that happen, I needed to go to bed earlier. Check out the Nourish Avenue Sleep Edition for tips on getting better sleep. Result?  My evenings are now free for chill time, blogging and dinner with friends. #YayLifeGoals

What you need comes…when you clear space. The class, the creative idea, the friends, the perfect work situation, everything comes easier when we let go. You just need to be in a state of joy.

Happy walking 🙂 



Here’s my playlist. I suggest you make your own manifestation walk mix too!

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