Inspiring Workout Routines for Women

April 3, 2016

I want to introduce a NEW perspective to any ladies that are frustrated with their gym routines. You rock it at your job and are making strides everyday to improve your life. Why does your workout have to be P90x? Are you tired of pounding your feet on the stair stepper or tripping up on the treadmill? 

Taylor Swift isn’t a fan of the treadmill either–remember what happened to her!? If you truly love the gym, then stay. If running on the treadmill feels like the worst thing in the world, then this post may serve you.

Did you ever once STOP and think about the kind of exercises YOU truly enjoy?

Maybe you really want to love running but you’re meant to be a killer zumba master or a graceful ballerina. Heck! Maybe you have an inner diva that wants to turn into a hip-hop queen for 1 hour 3x a week. 🙂  If you’re tired of the traditional gym scene, keep reading.

Dear Gym, It’s Over (for now). xo Erica 

I remember dreading going to the gym. I was starting to feel guilty for having a gym membership and NOT using it. At that point, a purple glittered treadmill would not even excite me. So, I decided to cancel my gym membership and get back to basics. 

Back to Basics: Yoga Mat, YouTube, Books and DVDS

While in college, I taught pilates for a semester and I decided to reconnect with that again. But to burn fat, I needed to find cardio activities. The thought of running outside did NOT feel joyful.  I started going to dance cardio classes. Since my breakup with the gym, I’ve actually toned up more than ever and lost 15lbs.  

The weight lifted. I gained joy, friends and confidence.

I’ve learned that when you engage in activities you love, your energy lifts and you get your glow back. You’ll then inspire others to do the same.  I encourage you to find activities that motivate you.

Here are some of my favorite exercises that make me feel feminine, strong and healthy.

#1 Tracy Anderson

I LOVE TA. Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer with clients like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.  I have 3 of her DVDS. My bum and stubborn arms have never looked better! Her unique movements are designed to build feminine muscles without the bulk. Through precision training she is able to help women achieve a balanced feminine body that avoids creating any overdeveloped strength. She targets all of the muscles in the body, not just the large ones. Her fun dance cardio routines helps burn fat too. Tracy brings me back into connection with my mind and body every time. Her cardio dance routines are TOUGH though. I recommend watching her videos first.

Wrapping up my speech about TA: 

“You are how you move”-Tracy Anderson

Want a dancer like body? You need to train like one. If you want to be a body builder, you need to train like one. My goal is to be strong, feminine and graceful. Tracy Anderson is helping me accomplish my fitness goal.  

My favorite Tracy Anderson Videos:

  1. Cardio Dance For Beginners 


2. Cardio Dance Express 


3. The Perfect Design Series 


#2 Body By Simone (BBS)

Fun fact about BBS: Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez do BBS! Shake it off and let loose with this workout. Simone is fun, her energy radiates through the screen and I smile all the way through.  I would say that BBS is more intense than TA. There is a lot of jumping. If you’re new to dance cardio, I recommend doing some ankle strengthening exercises to work up to the jumps. 

Here’s a cardio routine that I LOVE from BBS:

#3 Cosmo Body

I just found this channel! I’m in love with their workouts.

#4 Blogilates

Cassie Ho is the shining star behind Blogilates. For upbeat pilates moves and HIIT workouts, Casey Ho is the perfect guide.


#5 Keep Trying Different Workouts

Most women don’t need to be hurling 50lbs around. UNLESS, you truly enjoy that. My best friend Amy says, “I feel extremely feminine when I’m on the stair stepper haha.” Amy you’re crazy 😉 Where I live there are parks and I venture around Chicago whenever I want to try some non-traditional workouts like Aerial Fitness, yoga on the beach, Pure Barre, and dance classes. I took ballet as a kid, but I didn’t start other dance styles until my early twenties. If you’ve got the desire to learn how to dance, you can learn at any age. The next fitness class that I am dying to try is SoulCycle.

Building your best body needs to bring you JOY. Keep trying new things and you’ll discover your most fun & unique workout routine. 


My Current Wild & Free Cardio Playlist 

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