Benefits of Drinking Kava Root- Nature’s Calming & Happiness Tonic

July 22, 2017

Kava Kava a.k.a Kava in the US and Pacific Islands is a popular herb that is used to treat anxiety, stress and depression. It can also be used to alleviate sore muscles from overtraining. Kava Root provides all of the stress reducing benefits without diminishing mental alertness. In many cultures, Kava is used as a ceremonial drink to promote a relaxed state to help achieve “higher levels of consciousness.”  Fun Fact: Kava is the national drink of Fiji. Let’s drink up the benefits of Kava shall we?

Cheers or BULA! (Fijian for “to live”).

Identifying the Benefits Of Kava Root

The Kava plant can be identified by its lush heart shaped leaves but it’s the root that is ground into powders, extracted for tinctures and used to brew for teas. Kavalactones are responsible for the psychoactive qualities of the kava plant. Kava Root is non-addictive and non-alcoholic.

  • Relieve pain in the joints & muscles
  • Prevention of muscle spasms
  • Helps in the treatment of anxiety and stress: such as nervousness, restlessness, and dizziness
  • Promotes restful sleep by improving sleep quality and decrease time needed to fall asleep
  • Treatment aid for depression
  • Promotes a euphoric, happy and content mental state
  • Great non-alcoholic drink to help wind down at the end of the day

How to Drink Kava Root 

I love drinking Kava. Kava Stress Relief Tea by Yogi Tea is my favorite! But there is also a Kava Bar in Chicago that I love called Tropikava Kafe. My friend Amelia and I both tried the Vanuatuan Kava Shot blend with undertones of coffee. The Kava Shots were served in cute little coconut shells and we ordered some juices from Kafe juice bar 🙂

Tropikava brews their Kava with Coconut Milk, Water, and Dried Kava Root. Pineapple is used as a chaser to help ward of the strong muddy taste of Kava. Check out Google to see if there is Kava cafe by you. My best friend lives in North Carolina and there are quite a few Kava Bars throughout the state. Kava bars are so fun.

Traditionally Kava is prepared as a tea or drink. But today the benefits can be pulled from powders, liquid extracts and capsules.

Are There any Side Effects to Kava Root?

Some users who drink Kava can experience a slight numbing sensation on the tongue and lips. This is caused by dihydrokavain and dihydromethysticin, two natural pain relievers in the kava plant. Don’t be alarmed the numbing wears off. 

Kava does taste a little bit like mud. But the effects far outweigh the taste, and you’ll get used to it. 

Before Taking Kava:

Not to be taken if you have liver problems or any other liver conditions. Kava should also never be used in combination with prescription drugs or alcohol. Always consult with your doctor before taking on new supplements.



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