August Full Moon and New Moon Vibes

August 6, 2017

This month we’re in for a rare mega eclipse season. There are two potentially life-altering eclipses happening in August. There is a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th and solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

Full Moon: Alignment Before Action

Probably gearing up for the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th, naturally I’ve been tuning into a more slower and effortless pace for the past couple of weeks. Because the eclipse is in my sign of Aquarius, I’m feeling the moon vibes more intensely. I’ve been enjoying walks in the park, deep breath work, meditation classes and reading things I like.

August 7th is a key turning point in the entire year of 2017. Like a computer, sometimes there are things in the background that don’t need to be running. You either need to shut the programs down or delete the apps. This is a time for deleting and switching off patterns, beliefs, stories and situations that are no longer needed for your growth. They don’t vibe with the new you that will start to come to life after August 21st. The energy of this Aquarius Full Moon encourages us to think outside of the box.

New Moon: Heart Aligned Action

The new moon in Leo on August 21st is all about new chapters, bold expression and owning our awareness of our light. This universal momentum is undeniable. Fears and motives of the ego fall away as visions of the heart come to life. The moon represents the feminine and the sun masculine. A solar eclipse happens where the moon will temporarily block out the sun. This is also said to be a time of the divine feminine and feminine leadership. It’s a call for women to step up in their power. Big upheavals on an internal and physical level is the nature of this solar eclipse. So be open to surprises, changes and insights you receive this month.

Allow this eclipse to reveal emotions and insights that you have pushed down and held down for a long time. As you allow things to rise, they’ll also shift. What is swept up in the cosmic waves will either be lost at sea or returned back to shore cleansed & transformed. The energy of this eclipse will propel us to new ideas and experiences.

Want to capitalize on these full moon and new moon powers? Up your manifesting game and align with your highest potential by doing a full moon ritual on August 7th and a new moon ritual on August 21st. 

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