Admitting When It Sucks

December 9, 2016

One thing I’ve learned when it comes to emotional balance it that ignoring feelings is not healthy.  It’s incredibly healing to admit when something sucks. Stuffing down emotions is never a good strategy.

But society doesn’t allow us space to feel down. In fact, society tells us that we should be happy enlightened beings all the time. 🙂 When you’re feeling down or going through a tough time…

Spirituality calls it your shadow side.

Western medicine calls it depression*.

I call it…congrats you’re a person not a robot!

At some point, we’ve all had to deal with uncomfortable feelings right? A loved one gets sick, you get sick, a dream that you’ve been working towards isn’t manifesting fast enough, your career path isn’t evolving, oh hey student loans, and all your friends have mountain houses with 2 cats. And you’re expected to pop a pill or say affirmations to just be happy? Uh…ya no. *cringing*

We need to let go of this silent societal shame that it’s not okay to be sad, upset or angry. Nothing is wrong with you for feeling those emotions.

We do more damage by covering up our emotions than by actually feeling. You can eat over it, sleep over it, medicate or meditate over it but you won’t actually get over it…you have to go through it.  How many times have you heard that cliche? Babes and dudes it’s true. #NotACliche #AuthenticityIsSexy

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve tried blindly throwing affirmations all over a situation and expected things to just “fix” themselves. I’ve learned that when I’ve gotten to that point of desperation, it wasn’t the situation that needed to get better… it was me. I needed to grow more. I needed to open up more and learn from an experience.

Admitting when it sucks is like opening up a window to let the fresh air in. You feel great, your lungs expand and you can finally breathe. Ahhh. So good. Goodbye stuffy existence.

We’ll fall and sometimes we’ll feel alone in all of this.  One of my greatest teachers Gabby Bernstein says that it’s not how many times we fall off track that matters, it’s how quickly we bounce back. I’ll leave a mini book plug for her here.

Admit that it sucks. How good does that feel? You’ll have many more times where things will suck but you won’t stay stuck there. You’ll pivot and re-route. Admitting that something isn’t working is the first step towards positive change.

Get honest, keep it real and shine on.

I’ll leave a cheezy pop song here. This one gets my heart every time! <3



*Whether you’re taking medication or not, if you’re going through depression, it’s still important to get regular health check-ups with your healthcare practitioner. Mental health is so important and receiving counseling and care from health professionals is a positive way that we can take care of our health.

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