Conscious Beauty Wellness is a lifestyle blog created to ignite conversations around eco-conscious skincare, spiritual growth, clean beauty, women’s wellness, nourishing foods, and energy healing. 

Conscious Beauty Wellness formerly Nourish Avenue, is about empowering others to create a wellness plan that allows them to live in harmony with their health, spirit and the earth.

You: A Conscious Beauty

There are so many wellness “experts” offering insights and cutting edge research on nutrition and skincare that we can often feel confused, overwhelmed and sometimes discouraged with all of the information. Here is my view on how to sort through all of this: Your body is unique to you. Always trust your gut and work with your team of healthcare providers to find solutions that help you thrive. Please accept that what works for your co-workers and best friends, won’t necessarily work for you. Your genes, microbiome, environment, diet and lifestyle has to be taken into consideration when mapping out your best conscious beauty wellness plan. You’re one of a kind babes 😉


About Me

Hey, I’m Erica. Creator and designer of Conscious Beauty Wellness. I’m a website project specialist by trade and wellness contributor in my free time. 

I started my wellness journey when I was in high school. I’ve been increasingly becoming more interested in health, eco-conscious beauty skincare products, and our divine connection with nature. My personal health battles were swelled with autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s, skin blemishes, and severe anxiety. One day, I had an anxiety attack so bad that I passed out, hit my head and was rushed to the ER. I was confused as to how a “healthy” person like me could ever be so riddled with anxiety. Things needed to change. I’ve found that by creating lifestyle + mindset changes I have become stronger, radiant and more adventurous. I’m a totally new human being today.



200hr Yoga Teacher & Certified Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner

Beauty Nutrition Certification

Mat Pilates Instructor

B.A. Communications + PR

Light Hearted & Fun Things About Me:

  • Pink is my favorite color
  • Superfoods + Botanical Skincare is my jam <3
  • I always try to look at the bright side of things. It’s in my DNA. #sunshinestateofmind
  • My favorite snack is raw cashew cookie dough bites.
  • My grandma had very simple advice, “Never give up”.

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