Sunday Vibes: Wellness Coaching Collection

June 30, 2019

There isn’t a single manual that will let you know when it’s safe to be yourself and follow your heart. How can you start showing up now?

I believe it starts with having more fun. Ask yourself “How can I have MORE fun today?” You work hard and you’re not giving up on your dreams if you take a break….so you deserve a Sunday filled with whatever fuels you.

Slowing down as a result of my injury (broken toe) has allowed me to reflect, re-style my vision and re-commit to my path. I thought it would be fun to share some of the tools, resources and podcasts that are helping to light me up, make me laugh and feel more connected in my relationships. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

Amazon Prime Video: Made for More – with @msrachelhollis. A documentary film packed with tools to help you discover the best version of yourself.

Favorite New Podcasts:
The Brendon Show – with @brendonburchard – You are most likely going to be hearing me rave about Brendon’s strategies for High Performance Living. His words & tips will help you take action and weed out anything that isn’t moving the needle in your life.
Check out the Podcast Here

The Guided Collective Podcast – with – She is a gem in the psychic space. Her voice is incredibly soothing. She is perfect for listening while out on a hike or a long drive and having some self-reflection. At the time of this post she is giving away a FREE Download on 10 Tips to Build Your Intuition.
Check out the Podcast Here

@thefullestmag written by @katiedalebout “I suddenly found just as much healing from a night out with a good friend, traveling, and falling in love as I did a yoga class or a weekend retreat.” – Katie Dalebout.

The wellness community is rich in high vibe resources like crystal water bottles, spiritual retreats, cleanses and superfoods. This article isn’t shaming you for buying those things, rather it asks the question how are you measuring the impact of having these experiences and items in your life? Are they actually helping or hindering you? Sometimes we need to just grow through something that we can’t necessarily “sage away”. It really suggests that we might not need ALL the things – pick the wellness and spiritual modalities that are having an impact and avoid overspending.

✨Pictured card deck: The Universe Has Your Back by @gabbybernstein

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