Self-Care Sunday Essentials

February 26, 2017

Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the whole self-care Sunday thing right. Like, should I be cleaning? Should I be looking up flight deals for my next vacation? Should I be working out? Should I just be chilling?

I’m overwhelmed by the ideas on Pinterest and people’s photos of yummy brunch meals.

So…I stopped looking around. I asked myself what does my yummy and delicious self-care Sunday look like? The answer is in the title: Self-care. It’s all about the self. What makes you happy and feel good on a Sunday?

Here are my essentials for a perfect self-care Sunday. Feel free to pick these up or find your own delicious self-care Sunday essentials.

#1 Apply a Face Mask

Whether you make your own face mask or buy one. Sundays are for face masks. With another beautiful week starting, you should feel beautiful heading into it. 🙂

I’m currently loving these two:

I apply my face mask and and relax with some music for 10-15min.

#2 Keep Reading

Curling up with a good book in bed, at the beach, at a park or wherever your heart desires. I currently love Colette Baron-Reid’s Book Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility. It’s about eliminating smaller self-centered fears that keep you in the loop of the same limiting stories.

#3 Have a Long Chat with a Girlfriend

I love catching up with my friends. It’s essential to connect, to laugh, and to pump each other up. Honestly, it’s my favorite thing to do on Sunday. Girl time chats make my heart swoon.

#4 Drink a Delicious latte

What’s Sunday without a heartwarming drink?

#5 Practice Restorative Movement

Instead of doing cardio or an intense Pilates routine, I opt for more restorative movements like gentle yoga routines, walking and meditations. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend going on a walking manifestation meditation.

Happy Sunday Loves!


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