My Review of 5 Danielle Laporte #Truthbombs 

June 3, 2017

I came across Danielle Laporte’s work about 4 years ago. Since then I have been growing with her every word. In addition to her blog and books, she came out with a Truthbomb oracle card deck. Each Truthbomb sparks a dialogue about happiness, goals and spiritual views.

Her digital Truthbomb oracle cards are like little flashes of light that hit your heart to help you wake up.  

I thought it would be fun to randomly pick 5 Truthbombs from Danielle Laporte’s #Truthbomb App and riff about each one and what I think they mean. 

1. You’re so close

This is the first time I’m seeing this Truthbomb!  I know for me personally that sometimes it feels like forever to get what I want or be where I want to be. How many times do we stop ourselves before the miracle? We tell ourselves “Naw…this isn’t for me” Or “Maybe I’m just never got get that job” or “Ugh I’ll never be fit enough”. 

Sometimes we feel that we’ve been working on something for so long that we question if it’s even worth it. But keep with it and take it day-by-day. Because you never really know how close you are to a miraculous experience.  The business deal comes in or you might get a serge of excitement and passion for new ideas. Don’t give up. 

2. Allow

Allow yourself to want what you want. And allow yourself to change your mind. It’s that simple (but sure not easy). 

Allow yourself to explore. Take space to learn something new or try something new. On the flip side, allow yourself to retreat and not pursue something. We can get ourselves into a headlock for not following up on something. Sometimes the divine has something better in store and wants to reroute us. 

The art of allowing isn’t ignoring tough situations either. Allow yourself to express your concerns and ask people tough questions. Allowing is all about clearing what you don’t need so you can welcome in a new vibration. The truth isn’t always white clouds and rainbows. 

3. What do you want…that you already have? 

This Truthbomb takes the question “what are you grateful for?” to a entirely new level. I love this one. You know you’re living life in alignment when you want the things you already have in your life. 

Example, I love my morning mat time. I continue to choose morning mat time and practice pilates, yoga, journal, meditate ect. I already have a morning mat practice and I continue to want it every morning.

This Truthbomb translates into relationships as well. You already have amazing friends, partner and/or family and want to spend time with them because they light you up. 

4. Consider the value you create for others

Take this thought with you on your next job interview. Take this thought with you on a date. Carry this thought with you everyday. Your entire essence will change, people will notice and you’ll receive so much more. Don’t hide, diminish or downplay your value. 

5. dream of being amazed 

Dreaming of things turning out better than you have imagined! We can only do so much by ourselves. Let the universe take over.  Set your goals and let the universe help you make it happen. Because anything is possible and it can turn out even better than you’ve imagined. 

Want more Truthbombs? Download the Truthbomb app on iTunes or Google Play. Honestly, for the price of a cup of coffee you can have a daily soul guide at your fingertips. 



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