New SoCal Life- From Sunshine and Shorelines to Farmers Markets

July 9, 2018

I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve just been going through a crazy life transition because…I moved to California!

So, why California? I was working Downtown Chicago for 2-years and it was great for a little while. I felt like I had finally “made it” in the world with a big city job. But soon, the walls and buildings started to feel like they were closing in on me. I didn’t want to live my life building-to-building anymore. The big city lifestyle was just not for me anymore – I craved warm weather, oceans and hiking.

I’m happier here in California where I can connect with nature, enjoy being around more health conscious people and experience better work life balance.

So, Southern California is my new home. And I have so much seaside cuteness to share with you.

Exploring Southern California

Time spent by the ocean is the best! I love just walking along the shore, taking a swim and sitting on the sand to watch the sunset. The sunshine alone has helped bring me into a happier mental space. Watching surfers out in the water is pretty fun too. 


San Diego is gorgeous and there are flowers everywhere. I love being able to walk around and smell flowers.

I went hiking with a friend at Iron Mountain. The trail was just slightly over 5-miles and the views were gorgeous. The trails were also lined with fresh Clary Sage and I took some home because it just smells so lovely 🙂

views from iron mountain california

I also like hiking at Torrey Pines – the trail provides some beautiful seaside views and you can hit the beach afterwards!

Adventuring to Local Farmers Markets in SoCal – Finding Superfoods in Southern California 

I also LOVE finding new foods to try at local Farmers Markets. I found some awesome local health brands at a Farmers Market in Leucadia California this weekend.

Kefir Soda – by SuperFood & Company

Is this stuff the new Kombucha? IDK but it’s pretty darn good & refreshing!

What is Kefir Soda? It’s a cold pressed juice that is enhanced with probiotics. The probiotic cultures used are created from cultures grown high above ground in mountain springs of Palomar Mountain. Pretty sweet right!? Read more abut Superfood & Company here

Flavor Pictured below: Original Ginger Raider
Ingredients: Apple, Lemon, Ginger, & Lemongrass + Kefir Probiotics 

socal superfoods

I also picked up some Turmeric Juice from Rootshine. Delicious juice made from organic Turmeric Root juice, slow brewed organic vegetable broth, pure Piperine (Black Pepper Extract), organic Applecider Vinegar, and local raw honey. Learn more about Rootshine here

turmeric juice local sandiego

I love getting the benefits of Turmeric in juice form now while the weather is hot. When I need to warm up, I’ll enjoy the benefits of drinking a cup of Turmeric Milk a.k.a Golden Milk Latte 

BēRUNA -Black Truffle Seed Salt

I swooped up this delicious superfood seasoning mix while out at a local farmers market too. I had tried the other flavors that BēRUNA makes and all of them tasted good. BēRUNA seed salt spices are non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan, paleo and mostly raw. The Black Truffle ended up being my favorite so I’ll be enhancing my salads and dishes with this mix for a while. Learn more about the brand here

What’s in it?

Sesame seed*, pumpkin seed*, sunflower seed*, hemp seed*, mineral salts (pink Himalayan, French sel gris), chia seed*, flax seed*, poppy seed*, nutritional yeast, maca*, garlic*, black truffle and LOVE! *Organic

What’s next for Nourish Avenue?

There are some changes coming to the blog soon – I’ll be incorporating more Cali travel and eco-conscious beauty lifestyle content on the site and on Instagram. Hard to say how often I will be blogging with this move still being new- but I am definitely excited to write when there’s some downtime! 

I’m thrilled to have you here and hopefully inspire you to go explore the world and eat in ways to fuel your best life!


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