Meeting My Dream Car (Twice)…

December 18, 2017

Honestly, this article is a long one. It’s a personal story in vibrational alignment & manifesting.

Summary: The feeling is what you are wanting, not the actual thing. Because the thing you think you want, might not be a vibrational match for the best version of what you really desire. Vibrational alignment is the measure of your relationship to having the thing. Wishy washy vibration = wishy washy results. Letting go and allowing the intuition to fill you in is the best route to take for a bigger dream that makes you happy.  

Here’s one of my life’s examples. 

I always thought a car was just a car – nothing really special to them. Until, my other car stopped working and I needed a new car. My head was spinning with figuring out what I wanted to do. 

I always wanted a Volkswagen Beetle Bug though. In fact, it was my dream car since I was 16. To me they are so Cali, they look cute, and they symbolize freedom and adventure. I wanted a Beetle and that is what I was going to get. I only test drove my silver Beetle Bug once and I was sold. Sold to my vision of me having a Beetle Bug. 

But as I was signing the official purchase papers — I was really stressed and unsure. Maybe I should have test drove another car before I settled on this one. Why am I nervous? I should be excited not nervous. I thought that was a common feeling for anyone making such a large purchase. Ya know an “upper limit problem”  Ha! 

As I started really driving it — I wasn’t feeling comfortable. Like all of a sudden my legs didn’t feel as comfortable. So I moved the seat back, adjusted my steering wheel and raised the seat up. Still didn’t feel right. It was supposed to have Bluetooth but turned out it didn’t. The visibility in my rearview wasn’t that great either. I thought I was just being paranoid and needed to get used to my new car. I felt like I had no room for other people in the back or even a dog. This was not fun! 

I remember the sales guy telling me “You have 5 days to return or exchange the car.” What? Return my lovely Beetle Bug and back out of my 10 year long dream vision? NO WAY. 

One night, I parked my Beetle Bug and in the pit of my stomach I knew I had to take it back. I was heartbroken.  I honestly didn’t have any other feeling other than it’s just not working. It wasn’t my dream car anymore. I didn’t love it. The legroom was just not there for me to even enjoy a road trip.  I know too much by being a yoga & pilates practitioner to compromise my form. 

I was crammed in my own vision of Beetle Bug love 🙁 

Luckily, I had time to take the Beetle back and exchange it. 

Starting Over. Bye Bye Beetle….

I don’t know what kind of car I want. So now I have to start over…what is all involved with car buying?  Budget, size, brand, and color? And I just test drive a bunch of cars? Oh, I was in for a wild ride (literally). So much more to buying a car than I had realized. And I was even picky about things I didn’t know I would care about, like rims. Really? Rims? Yep.

Aligning with my New Dream Car 

Before I continued looking for another car I got back into vibrational alignment with the feeling of my ideal car. I told myself, no more looking until I actually feel what I wanted. From this place, the color and look doesn’t matter as much. It’s the feeling/vibration that I am aligning with.

My list of how I wanted to feel about my car: 

  • Legroom with a higher seat where my knees are comfortable 
  • My back is supported 
  • The feeling of ease by having bluetooth so I can play my music 
  • Feeling of stepping up to get in and stepping down to get out of my car
  • I feel safe & grounded in my car
  • Wonderful visions of driving to the beach, trails, city and more #roadtrippin
  • I wanted my car to feel sexy and feminine
  • Sitting in it feels fun and I am giddy 
  • There is room for friends 
  • Roof racks to strap items to it
  • I can park it and sit in the back whilst cuddled up in blankets looking out at beautiful views 
  • It would be my very own adventure car
  • Budget is still fully intact 

One condition: I must adore my car – no settling or questioning this decision. 

I didn’t ask for color or brand – those things shouldn’t matter. It was the feeling of falling in love with my car that mattered to me most. 

Meeting Ruby a.k.a Queen Buie (Buick) 

Aimlessly searching the car lot, I just got discouraged as I sat in car after car hoping to find the spark. Kias, Jeeps, Nisans, Chevys…I just didn’t feel the spark. I honestly thought the Jeep would be my soul car! Are you supposed to feel a spark when buying a car? How do you know it’s the right car? This is silly, a car is just a car. Then I dropped into my body to let my intuition lead the way. How can I make this experience more easeful and fun. Honestly, because this should be fun.

Then I asked my sales guy, “Where is the Buick Encore? I just want to sit in one. I saw one on the screen the other day and it looked kind of cute and in my price range.” No expectations to love it or even like it. My sales guy asked me, “How do you feel about red?” I was intrigued – my reaction wasn’t NO at first. (I always said that I would never drive a red or blue car) But this time I was open to his question. How do I feel about red? Let me go see.

This adorable ruby red car winked at me. I felt the spark! 

Once inside, I loved the seats (power seat control), the height was just right for my legs, room for friends & yoga mats, bluetooth and the design of the car was super pretty! It was in perfect alignment with how I wanted to feel about my car both feminine and strong. 

During the test drive, I was super giddy sitting in my seat and I turned to the sales guy and said, “I think this is my car.” 

I later researched the color red in the energy medicine perspective and found this: “To “feel” what some of the possible attributes of RED might be, one could use the analogy of ocean waves. The short and subtle waves that flick at your toes on the beach” It also symbolic of warrior energy and protection. 

mhmmmm…..being by the ocean is one of my favourite feelings. So if the feeling is what I am after, who cares what color I got!  

Honestly, this whole experience just makes me laugh. It was a fun lesson in vibrational alignment. Going through it was stressful and I cried so much. But I was also supposed to get the Beetle to show me what I do want in a car. It was in my life’s best interest to have the Beetle but only to lead me to another dreamier car. 



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