Hello California

November 12, 2017

California is beyond dreamy! #bestillmyheart

First Things First

I took my sandals off and ran into the ocean. I laughed so hard when the water touched my toes.

When is the last time you just played for fun? Like when laughing is involuntary and a smile isn’t forced? Yeppers, the beach is my happy place.

Soul Surfing in Venice

Me (talking to my mom): I was watching YouTube videos of surfer dudes and my soul just lit up.

Mom: Oh my god Erica! You’re a soul surfer.

#1 my mother is plain goofy. #2 She’s intuitively accurate, I am a soul surfer.

In Venice, I learned that I can get up and ride the waves or float with them – never against them. This concept also applies to real life. I can feel when I’m energetically clinging on and when I’m moving with my heart.  There is always going to be another wave. If you crash or miss one, you can always hop on the board and paddle to catch the next one 😉 The ocean is abundant like that.

However, real surfing is NOT easy. I signed up for a lesson and tried surfing for the first time in my life. I have so many bruises on my hips from surfing – because staying on the board while freeing my arms to paddle is challenging. I remember just wanting to sit on the board and coast with the waves but my instructor was like “no, we need to catch this wave.” Ha then, I crashed to the bottom. Hey guy, let me just chill on my board next time. Towards the end, I did catch some waves and get up on the board.  It was totes worth the surf bootcamp. 😀

happy in santa monica

The Four Sigmatic Shroom Room

Me: “With the Mushroom coffee, I’ve noticed that I don’t feel the crash or anxiety jitters from regular coffee or even bulletproof coffee.”

Brian (The Four Sigmatic Shroom Expert): *Smiles* “That’s because of the shroomies.”

Nestled on Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the magical Four Sigmatic Shroom Room. Four Sigmatic is a popular mushroom coffee, medicinal mushroom and adaptogenic herb company that has a store front in Cali. They also sell amazing products online.   It was an adventure to find the Shroom Room – but I got there. One of the workers, Brian, was super chill and helpful teaching me all about the different mushrooms. He also made me the best mushroom cup of coffee and we talked about popular shroomies (a.k.a mushrooms) for energy, the Four Sigmatic elixir line and some of their other top notch products. The environment is super fun and you walk away feeling more empowered with making the best choice for mushrooms that are good for you. 

I am up and moving a lot – plane + train hopping – while it sounds fun, my health routine can take a hit. I also workout almost daily, so Cordyceps helps give me stamina I need to lead my workouts. I also love Reishi for winding down and detoxing at night.

shroom room californiafour sigmatic shroom room californiai love shrooms

Vitamin Sea 🙂

Me: No words. Just pure giggles at the sea. My hair is even happier out here.

Lack Vitamin Sea? My favorite vitamin for radiance and endless laughter is Vitamin Sea 🙂

When I was a kid, all I did was want to swim and my astrological sign is a water bearer (Aquarius)…so cosmically it’s in the stars that water is my thing. When this element is missing, major imbalances are created in my body and spirit. 

Let me back up this Vitamin Sea up with some science .

  • Ocean water is rich in magnesium which helps your muscles relax 🙂
  • The ocean air is filled with negative ions that helps balance serotonin levels for elevated happy moods.
  • Sand is also a natural exfoliant for the skin. Skin so smooth 🙂 
  • Two words: Wavy Locks. I love my hair when it has gotten some sea salt lovin’. Plus, seriously who doesn’t want cute natural wavy beach hair?

beach life santa monicabeachy waves hairstyle

Can’t be by the Sea? Visit a salt cave. Visiting a salt cave is equivalent to spending 3 days by the sea. 

RA MA INSTITUTE – Venice California Studio

I got to practice with one of my favorite teachers of all time, Guru Jagat. If you have been to Ra Ma or know of Guru Jagat you know that she is incredibly down to earth- but is super intense in her lessons. I love her. Her work is powerful and I’m honored to have practiced with her. To be in this sacred space is a dream come true.

The class I went to was about rewiring the brain to break down our own patterning and clear karmic cycles that aren’t helpful in this Aquarian Age. The topic was very fitting for me personally. I’ve lived 2 decades – which is enough to notice my life’s cycles, conditional patterning and habits. We can consciously break out of these – with grit and enthusiasm you can push through anything.

rama studio venice californiarama tv studio venice california

Moon Juice

Moon Juice Cashier: Hi love, what can I get started for you?

Me: I am so overwhelmed in heaven right now, I need a minute to look at the menu.

I know that I say that everything in Cali is dreamy….but Moon Juice is cosmically speaking the dopest place ever. They serve super high-vibe and adaptogenic smoothies in Cali and sell amazing products around the globe. I had a Vanilla Fig Fix Shake – a.k.a Supermushroom stamina shake. For fun, I threw in a little of their signature Beauty Dust. I also love the Berry Good Looks smoothie.

Looking to add some Moon Juice cosmic vibes into your life? You can find their signature herbal dust blends online.

cosmic in a cup moon juice


moon juice shop venice beach

moon juice venice beach

Magical Malibu

Ugh, Malibu is gorgeous. I can’t disclose what happend in Malibu just yet…hangout for more information coming up in the next month or so 😉 It’s gonna be a big one. 

Love Note from My Intuition:
And so, finally, the new adventure begins. Believe in the unfolding. How often is it that we allow time to transform ourselves? Vibrational alignment is everything. Only you alone have control over it. Keep doing the work and believing in magic. You’ve got this. 

santa monica beach life


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