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September 16, 2017

I am back from my road trip through Arizona with some friends. 

I have never seen such a beautiful wild world. The terrain in Arizona is way more rocky than I’m used to. There are more boulders and rocks that you have to climb in order to get to better views. And while hiking, instead of chipmunks running across the trail, Arizona has lizards! 😀 I saw a little one just chillin’ in the shade of a shrub by my feet.  

The beautiful swirl of green trees, shrubs and cacti plants within the red rocks is such a delicious view. 

My total trip was 4 days and we drove all over through Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff and Prescott. 

Heating It Up in Phoenix  

Phoenix is one of the largest cities in Arizona. It’s also the hottest all year round. They call it the bowl because Phoenix actually goes down in elevation and the heat gets trapped in with all the mountains surrounding the city.

While in Phoenix, we visited the Desert Botanical Gardens. Such a gorgeous place! My favourite plant I think is the Desert Rose. 

phoenix arizona travel desert botanical garden

Some cactus like Saguaro can get up to 66feet tall!

desert rose arizona

(Pictured above) Beautiful Desert Rose <3

agave plant arizona

(Pictured above) Agave Parryi

natural beauty at the desert botanical garden in arizona

Rising high as a Phoenix (in Phoenix)…

 art painting of a phoenix

As we drove out of Phoenix to Prescott the elevation gradually increased. Surprisingly, I did well in the higher elevations than I did on my last trip to Colorado. Prescott is slightly higher in elevation than Denver. My body is finally getting used to being up high!

Beautiful Energetic Sedona 

hiking in Sedona Arizona

I practically drooled over the views of Sedona. 

Sedona is very high vibe too— by high vibe I mean energetic in general and it’s very spiritual and new age (if we’re even calling it new age anymore). 

The super spiritual thing to do in Sedona is check out the Vortex sites. Sedona is attractive to all types of spiritual seekers that seek to receive the healing benefits from these vortexes and propel their own spiritual growth. Certain spots in Sedona have been marked for vortexes where the earth’s energy spirals and draws in energies towards its center or up and back out (like a tornado). So of course I had to check out at least one of the Sedona Vortexes.

In Sedona, 4 main vortexes have been identified where the energy is the strongest and they are broken further down into feminine and masculine energy. The feminine vortex energy flows into the earth and masculine vortex energy flows out of the earth. We visited the Airport Vortex which is full of masculine energy.  Juniper tree trunks had crazy twists where the vortex energies flowed out the strongest. 


twisted juniper tree at the sedona airport mesa vortex

I could feel the energy of this one through pulsing of my hands and my heart space felt so open.  The left receiving side of my body felt really open too which was interesting because the masculine is on the right. I felt both sides coming into balance.  My friends and I just sat on the rocks and looked out at the Sedona red rock skyline for a mini meditation. It is said that the energetic benefits of visiting Sedona will be with you long after your visit 🙂 #highvibelife

We continued to hike up the rocks for one more magical view of Sedona.

views over sedona

 Pictured below is how I really felt when I got to the top…#breaktimeplease 

grounding and earthing in Sedona

I need to gain more hiking miles.

A Desert Superfood: Prickly Pear 

prickly pear fruit from cactus

I tried prickly pear which tastes a lot like watermelon but it’s super seedy. The seeds are edible. My friend, native to Arizona, had to cut open the prickly pear because he knew how to avoid the little thorns. So def don’t just pick these off yourself! There is a way you have to cut them and you should wear gloves to avoid the thorns. 

Research has found that Prickly Pear is a superfood with vitamins and minerals for improving insulin sensitivity and aids in the prevention of oxidative stress. 

Lava Cave Exploring in Flagstaff

lave river tube cave flagstaff arizona

I actually had to wear my jacket in Flagstaff because the temp dropped from 90 degrees in Sedona to like 61 degrees. Flagstaff reminds me so much of Colorado. Flagstaff has more grass and pine trees than Sedona and Phoenix. 

We went to explore the Lava River Cave which is nestled deep in the woods. We drove down a dirt road for 11 miles to get to it. 

The Lava River Cave was formed years ago by molten rock that erupted from a volcanic vent. The climate in the caves can be as low as 35 degrees and icy. I’m glad I bundled up and had the right shoes for this adventure. 

Inside the cave, it’s not an even surface. There are jagged rocks that you have to crawl over and find steady footing before you take each step. 

To be honest, I was terrified of the cave. I had all these scary movies running through my head. But my friend kept telling me “Empowerment! Do it for empowerment” We stopped at a good stopping point and turned around. I was happy to see the light and get out. 

One Last Stop: Watson Lake

watson lake arizona

I stayed on my friend’s farm in Chino Valley which is near the City of Prescott. On my last day, we hiked around Watson Lake and took in some of the best views before my flight out. Thank you to my beautiful friend Kate for bringing me out to Arizona. Being surrounded by sunshine, mountains and stars is like my new favorite thing. 

As I travel, I let these places and people tell me their stories. So instead of planning everything I’m going to do on a trip, I just stop doing and listen to the heartbeat of each place I visit. It will take me to where I need to be. 

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