Full Moon in Taurus: Understanding Our Ground

November 5, 2017

I was in beautiful Santa Monica California for a bit enjoying the sun + ocean while I finished up on a major personal project. I am excited to share more about it in the next couple of weeks! This Full Moon in Taurus has been trying to get my attention for a while – I know this because of all of the Moon conversations and moonstone crystal that came into my life this week. You never have to force working with the moon cycles because they naturally just play out in our lives. Ahem, like Mercury going into retrograde and causing computer issues to blow up. However, you can consciously connect with the moon energies for deeper healing work by doing some simple rituals.

From my Instagram: 

With the full moon being in Scorpio-Taurus we are being guided to rediscover what makes us feel grounded in the present.

The last full moon was all about releasing our shadow and now the focus is on transforming. The mind can be fixated on every turn, bump and push – Scorpio wants to dive in and study why all of this happening. But Taurus is helping to ground us in the present moment so that we can embody transformation with a sense of ease. Together Taurus and Scorpio helps us accomplish the deep introspective work we need to heal ourselves.

We are asked to take steps to ground ourselves- be it near a stream, in a yoga class, sea salt bath or listening to mantras in your car- take time to ground and listen to your heart. Take time for you 💕🙏🏻✨

I spent the day yesterday just grounding by the water, drinking moon juice and charging my new moonstone crystal 😉 What can I say? This girl digs the moon. <3

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