Everywhere you go, there you are

October 5, 2017
everywhere you go there you are

My friend and coach asked me a really juicy life question about traveling the other day, “What do all of these places like Arizona, Colorado and California have in common?”

I knew where she was going with this. 

Her answer was “You.” 

Ugh. I knew it…

All of these places you go have “you” in common. Your experiences, the people you meet, your vibration…it’s all you and your essence. You can’t ever escape yourself. 

Part of me got really excited when she told me this. Because everywhere I travel I’m always amazed by the people I meet, the new things I get to try and the stories I hear. It’s more about discovering how I feel in these environments and being open to the experiences. I travel to experience more of myself because that’s all I can control. 

Travel to me is more about meeting myself than it is escaping myself. 

Sometimes we travel to escape a poor job, a sucky life experience or to forget our problems ect…but those intentions don’t help us transcend our internal experience, they just numb us and stifle our progress. 

On the flip side, we can use travel to help us through something. It’s okay to have a broken heart and wash it away in the ocean or experience the death of a loved one and hike it out in the mountains. As long as we’re feeling all the feelings 🙂 

I’ve learned this saying, “Every where you go, there you are” means there’s no need for aimless searching. There is also no purpose in forcing myself into an environment where I “think” I will fit in. To be content with myself is the first step. 

Sometimes it feels easier to just runaway and start fresh. But NOT from a place of panic or anger. Because I know that I carry my vibration everywhere with me (high or low). So being happy here and now will guide me to more experiences of being happy. 

I don’t think this means that we should stop traveling or that we should just be content with where we are. I think this means we should be content with who we are – as we move our feet. Everything else after that just unfolds like a beautiful flower. 

Moving from the heart space allows us to settle into the right places and build friendships with the right people because we’re no longer looking outside ourselves for fulfilment. Instead we’ll be eager to add value to the world. That’s all we can do – focus on our own happiness and figure out some way to share it. 

So instead of settling on traveling where the cool Instagram kids go like Ibiza or France (I may have thought about going here lol), you’d check in with your heart and get a sense that maybe Australia or Cali is more your vibe. Maybe quitting your job and getting a camper isn’t your idea of being free. Maybe freedom to you is working more from home.

So rather than seeking out experiences to “numb out”, seek to experience more of yourself. Seek to challenge your beliefs and break down old patterns. 

I think if we all unplugged for 1 solid day (preferably in nature) we would sense our own heart rhythm. Our intuition has always been whispering ideas to us. I am amazed at how I can still block mine out. My intuition is always here and now I listen to her. 

Show up with the real you. Guaranteed you’ll have a happy glowing face, your heart will feel free and you’ll be able to chill. 

There you are 🙂 


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