Drinking Water for Radiant Health and Flow

May 8, 2017

The human body is 70% water and 30% solid. We can survive weeks even months without food, but only a few days without water.

Why is water so vital? Water helps to keep things flowing in our body. Water is essential for circulation, digestion, absorbing and transporting nutrients, and balancing body temperature. Even the slightest amount of dehydration can cause the processes mentioned above to slow or shut down.

Without enough water in the body, toxins build up, thoughts become polluted with anxiety and fear and the body literally starts to haywire. That is why water is recommended in so many detox programs. Drinking more water helps move toxins out of the body and promotes system balance.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

How much water you need depends on a variety of factors like body weight, level of activity and location. It is essential to replenish water lost from daily activities. Your water intake will increase as you become more active. If you live in higher altitudes your body will need more water. If you’re less active, you’ll need less water.

Everyone’s water intake needs will be different. The “8 glasses a day” rule is outdated because 8 glasses might be too little or too much for someone. WebMD’s daily water intake recommendation is to drink between .5oz and 1.0oz of water for each pound you weigh.

Water Intake Formula: Weight/ 2 = number of ounces of water to drink daily. 

Example: 180lbs / 2 = 90oz *Roughly 11 cups .

So a person that weights 180lbs should be drinking 11 cups of water a day.

Signs you’re probably not getting enough water:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues
  • Muscle + joint pains
  • Dull/dry skin
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Fear of moving forward

Benefits of Drinking More Water

  • Clearer complexion and radiant skin
  • Flushes toxins from the body – mainly from urination
  • Balances the hormones
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Increases energy + mental alertness
  • Moves stagnant energy in the body

Balancing Air & Water Elements for Emotional Health

There are 5 basic elements of nature that keep our bodies in rhythm and essentially healthy—earth, water, air, wood and metal.

From a yogic perspective, when we are out of emotional balance we need to turn to our breath (air element) and drink more water (water element).

If you’re feeling stuck and or anxious that is a sign of an air/water element blockage. Drinking a glass of water and doing breath exercises will help you feel better. Sometimes in just takes 1 minute! Check out some yogic breath exercises here.

Enhance Your Water with Fruits + Herbs

Soda, coffee, sugary sports drinks don’t count because they actually cause dehydration. You want to drink clean water and dress it up with some natural foods and herbs. Adding in fruits and herbs adds flavor and antioxidants.

Tips for Drinking More Water

  • Hydrate before you mediate. This helps clear the mind.
  • Feeling stressed? Down a glass of water.
  • Keep a glass of water by your bed.
  • Keep a water glass on your desk at work.
  • Start your morning with a warm cup of lemon juice water. This is perfect for a gentle detox to get the digestion moving.
  • Eat water rich foods like watermelon and cucumbers.

Looking for more hydration inspiration? Check out my DIY lip scrub with coconut oil, make a delicious watermelon juice drink or try my strawberry and cucumber detox water recipe.

Health disclaimer. This post is for information purposes only. It is always best to consult your doctor before taking any information on this blog as solid and final health advice.

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