DIY Lavender Room and Linen Spray with Essential Oils

December 27, 2017
lavender essential oil room spray

My desire to discover more earth-to-home hacks continues to grow. I have found the perfect way to make my own Lavender linen spray! Lavender smells just so heavenly. I love things that smell great that are both natural and non-hormone disrupting. My energy medicine coach and friend had gotten me into Young Living Essential Oils. You can make this room and linen spray with any pure therapeutic-grade oil. Use what brand resonates with you.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil 

Aromatic Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil: Promotes consciousness, health, love, peace and a general sense of well being.

Body Systems Affected by Lavender Essential Oil: Cardiovascular system, emotional balance, nervous system and skin.

In addition to the different systems that essential oils can have an affect on, they also have different frequencies. Some essential oils are used for grounding (low frequency) and some are used for emotional and spiritual balance (high frequency). The Frequency of Lavender Essential oil is relatively high at 118hz–  which places Lavender in the emotional & spiritual category.

room and linen spray made with lavender essential oil

DIY Lavender Room and Linen Room Spray – What You’ll Need:

  • 20-30 drops of Lavendar Essential Oil *I used Young Living Essential Oils
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon Witch Hazel Extract *Grab it online 
  • 1 Glass Spray Bottle *See note about bottles below

Directions: Combine all the ingredients in the glass spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray into the air and/on pillows and blankets.

Note on bottles: I used a blue spray bottle that I found at a health food store. Darker bottles help protect the aroma & therapeutic properties in the oils from deteriorating in sunlight. Amber or cobalt blue are the most common options.

These Amber mist spray bottles from Amazon look pretty! There are so many options, you just have to keep searching for the one you like.

amber mist essential oil spray bottle


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