Conscious Beauty Smoothie: Plant Alchemy & The Power of Moon Juice

February 18, 2019

If you’ve followed any of my earlier posts on Instagram you would have seen my trips to Moon Juice. Moon Juice is my favorite clean beauty smoothie shop in Venice Beach, California. Ugh, I fell in love when I first arrived! Check out my Hello California Post.

The beauty of Moon Juice is that the founder Amanda Chantal Bacon truly created a conscious beauty nutrition hub for those seeking holistic remedies for glowing skin, vitality and longevity. From activated grains to pearl powder you can ensure you’re getting a high dose of supreme cosmic beauty through nutrition.

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About Moon Juice

The power of the smoothies is in the Moon “dusts” – which are mixes of adaptogenic herbs each unique to ignite a specific desired effect/mood. Adaptogens help to bring hormones back into balance and help the body better equip with stress (physical and emotional). As noted in the Moon Dust product description, each ingredient is sourced and imported from its optimal origin, harvested at peak season and extracted to deliver the greatest benefit.

They also carry a line of Bio-fermented Brown Rice powders. Bio-fermented brown rice is essentially easier to digest. Through the natural sprouting process these grains become higher in protein, lower in carbohydrates and host vital enzymes and minerals. This provides to be a valuable source of plant-based protein for those on a vegan/vegetarian or otherwise on a primarily plant-based diet.

After my first visit, I had 3 products in my bag and a smoothie in hand when I walked out.

  • 2x Vanilla Fig Fix
  • 1x Berry Good Looks  
  • Beauty Dust

Santa Monica, California is my favorite place to vacation. I would just keep a bottle in my bag in sip on it throughout the day in between surf & tan breaks and the smoothies would keep me full & nourished all day.  

While I highly recommend you visit Moon Juice in California (they have several locations), you can totally make a moon juice smoothie at home.

Moon Dust products Available on Amazon

Sex Dust

Beauty Dust

Brain Dust

Power Dust

Dream Dust

Bio-Fermented Brown Rice Protein Powders:

Organic Vanilla Mushroom Adaptogenic Protein

Organic Deep Chocolate Adaptogenic Protein

Why not get the Full Moon Sachets and try them all!? I’ve tried Beauty Dust & Sex Dust. Both are powerful & feminine.

Build Your Own Conscious Beauty Smoothie w/ Moon Dust

Base Ingredients:

Arugula Fresh Raw- 1 cup

Spinach Fresh Raw – 1/2 cup

Avocado – 1/2 cup

Strawberries – 3/4 cup

Almond Milk – 1 cup

Superfoods + Adaptogens:

Moon Juice Beauty Dust (or any other Moon Dust)

Reishi Mushroom  – 1sp

Maca – 1 tsp

Vanilla Bean Powder – 1tbsp

Makes 1 Serving

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Moon Juice or paid to write this post. I do however, receive a small percentage of products ordered through Amazon links.

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